Mexico Travel Insurance

Mexico Travel Insurance Available in New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado

Safeguarding Our Neighbors, Even South of the Border

Estamos aquí a ayudar. When navigating the intricacies of insurance protection, a trusted guide can be a valuable asset. At Insurance First Inc., we specialize in assisting clients in their pursuit of insurance coverage outside the United States, specifically in Mexico.

Insurance Coverage Specific to Those Traveling, Driving, Renting, and Owning Property in Mexico

Whether you are traveling south of the border for a short time, or plan to rent property for an extended period, our agents are knowledgeable of the regulations established under Mexican law, as well as the risks prevalent to our American clientele.


Before establishing a policy, we take time to thoroughly identify individual client requirements and risk exposures. Dedicating this time early in our process allows accurate, cost-effective coverage to be in place from the start.


The Mexico insurance program we implement can be tailored to your needs. From basic travel insurance and car insurance to coverage for apartments and condominiums located in Mexico, policy terms can vary from daily, six months, to annual. Coverage can even extend to medical evaluation, plane tickets back to the United States, legal assistance, as well as U.S. labor rate adjustments.


To gain additional insight into options available for individuals traveling to Mexico, please contact our agency.

Ever Consider, ‘Is Mexico Insurance Available Near Me?’

Our agents specialize in assisting travelers to Mexico with the many facets of their insurance portfolio. We are also accessible to answer questions and manage policies in Mexico or the United States. Whether you would like to discuss liability limits set by Mexican law or risk management strategies when traveling abroad, we are here to help.


Landed in jail? Would you like legal assistance?

You or your family was injured? Would you like medical evacuation?

Come out of the restaurant and your vehicle has been stolen? Would you like plane tickets home?

Collision occurred in Mexico; would you like it repaired with US Labor rates?

  • All of this and more available through Insurance First team 575-534-9118 or click here
  • These are just a few reasons a valuable conversation with our Insurance Advisors;  at Insurance First we want to help you keep your vacation smooth sailing! 

To begin traveling toward adequate protection, request a quote at your convenience.

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